At Major Brands, we believe in contributing to the community responsibly. Thus our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project is one which has been undertaken with a view to create new value by engaging like-minded individuals. The main goal is to aid institutions which work towards the betterment of the underprivileged or specially-abled. Subsequently to enhance their quality of life and mainstream them into the corporate workforce. Currently our association with some these organizations consists of two themes which will be the bedrock for most of the CSR initiatives undertaken:

  • Child betterment
  • Women’s Emancipation through Skill Development

For child betterment & education, we have partnered with Karuna Sharan Welfare, a non-profit organization that strives for the relief and development of destitute, abandoned, orphaned, underprivileged and abused children without any caste or religious discrimination with an aim to shelter, educate and equip them for a brighter and independent life. Presently Karuna Sharan provides a home for 50 boys, a KG-10th grade education in a quality English Medium School and a sports Program. We at Major Brands have adopted 8 of these boys as our own kids and will provide for them in terms of education, basic necessities, vocational guidance, etc. We have also set up a scholarship fund for their higher studies (if they should choose to opt for it). However we also believe in extending as much help as possible to the rest of the boys there also. Thus we have undertaken a two month project to raise funds by selling beautiful lapel pins with the Karuna Sharan & Major Brands joint branding on it. This is sold at all of our Bebe & Guess stores pan-India & 100% of the sales from the pins go to Karuna Sharan.

We have also partnered with Muskaan Foundation, which is an organization which works with children with Multiple Disabilities and Visual Impairment (MDVI). MDVI children require a variety of services, other than schooling, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, sensory integration therapy and vision rehabilitation program. Muskaan strives to provide them with all this and more. At Major Brands we organized an awareness drive which not only helped them raise funds but also increased awareness about the various ways in which people can contribute. Our long-term plans with them also include events like Fashion shows or a Marathon wherein 100% of the proceeds raised would be given to Muskaan Foundation.


The Way Ahead…

We are currently in talks with two major organizations – Sahaj India & TRRAIN foundation for our skill development initiative.

SAHAJ is a fair trade organization, working with tribal women artisans of eastern Gujarat. They provide home based livelihood opportunities to address the issue of migration. They make a beautiful range of commercially viable products out of traditional handicraft skills through design research and training. Over the last 24 years they have created a niche market for tribal handicrafts and developed a pro-tribal brand. At present they work with 1200 tribal artisans. We are currently in talks with them to collaborate to sell their products in our stores or even for corporate gifting purposes. 100 % of the proceeds from the sales would be given to Sahaj.

TRRAIN is a not-for-profit company which implements the vision of the Trust for Retailers & Retail Associates of India (TRRAIN) by means of innovative, high-impact programs. This vision of TRRAIN is ‘Empowering People in Retail’. Its initiatives include developing and enhancing skills of retail associates, through the TRRAIN Foundation, Aptech Retail Education Program and Training & placement of people with disabilities in various retail roles. Our goal is to partner with them in creating a vocational training course which will enable women from rural / semi-urban areas to be job ready in dynamic markets like retail. Our main aim is to help them kick-start their careers & given them opportunities which make them financially independent.

Other Initiatives


In December 2013, we organized our first ever Blood Donation drive at our Bombay Head Office, in collaboration with Holy Spirit hospital. We received an overwhelming response both from within our staff & external contributors also.

We organized a Fire drill & safety session in the Bombay Head Office which consisted of experts conducting a classroom session for basic precautions in case of a fire. There was also a practical fire drill conducted in the office premises with demonstrated use of extinguishers by staff, guided by the experts.

We have also partnered with Naseoh (National Society for Equal Opportunities for the Handicapped). Naseoh has been steadily working towards developing comprehensive rehabilitation opportunities for the persons with disabilities to help facilitate their integration into mainstream society. At Major Brands we are proud to say that we have hired a data operator from the list of candidates provided by Naseoh.

Do you wish to support our noble cause and lend a helping hand to our Karuna Sharan star kids? Please feel free to contact Suzan Desilva at +91 9819768714.

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